Since 2015, We are exporter of Street Wear Garments, Dehydrated Foods, Indian Spices & COCO Peat/Pith Products from the India.

Our Products

Ready Made Garments

We are specializing in Cotton based Garments. CGW offers wide collections of style such as Casual Tee, Polo T-shirt, Sweatshirts, Pullover, Cardigan, Hoodie, Tank Top, Jumper, Trousers, Sportswear. We have state of art infrastructure for developing pattern and sample along with expertise on value additions silhouette like embroidery, applique, Various Print style, sequences, washing effect. Our designer with strong focus on eco-friendly, purposeful design will incorporate bleeding edge materials that has streetwear tinge to offer wearable clothes. We have offering small MOQ to new retailer, brand owner, distributor, importer as per current global souring time frame.

Dehydrated Food Products

Our Co -Partner have 10 years of experienced in the production of Dehydrated Food Industry. He has gain expertise hand on knowledge from raw material to finish to transporting and direct relationship to farmers. RGE is a playing merchant exporter of various dehydrated food products such as White Onion Powder, Granules, Minced, Kibbled, Fry Onion Kibbled along with Garlic Powder, Clove. Our souring company has situated on Mahuva dist, Gujarat State who have fully automatic plant and coherent laboratory. The Company have BRC, FSSC, ISO, Kosher certifications, all the dehydrated products pass through auto sortex & metal detector to preserve natural taste & aroma. The end use of this products across continental dishes, Soups, Non-Veg cuisine, fast food snacks, barbeque party & Kitchen platform.

Coco Peat / Coir Pith

Time has come to enhance properties of soil from chemical spray all over practised by farmers over the years. We have started Coco Peat is the residue after extraction of fiber from the husk of coconut. Coco peat is a by-product of the coir fiber processing. It is an organic matter & 100% Biodegradable, It is an excellent growing medium and substitute for peat moss. Physically, Coir pith is a light & compressible material. It has good moisture retention capacity 600 to 800%, high potassium content, low bulk density which enables it to large amount of nutrients. This make ideal for use as a mulch, hardening of tissue, embryo cultured plants, hydroponic system of plant cultivation, floricultural, soil conditioning, home gardening medium of organic manure.

Coco Fiber / Coir Fiber

Coir Fiber derived from a renewable resources of coconut husk. Coir Fiber can be extracted using MFEM machine takes few minutes. This is only natural fiber resistance to salt water & abrasion. Coir Fiber are used to make durable floor mats, brushes, ropes, nets for shellfish harvesting, upholstery padding & marine applications. This categories in to two colours 1) Brown 2) White

Organic Foods

We have started organic farming of Vegetables, Fruits, Indian Spices & other medical plants using natural fertiliser, pesticide, fungicide with the help of indigenous Cow dung & urine. Scientifically, “Jeevamrut” is the ultimate fertiliser which imbibe know as cultural, hundreds of thousands of bacteria separates from Cow Dung. Initially, we are working as pilot mode on 2 acre yield soil and grow plant Moringa leaf as a Main crop with Stavia, Beetroot, Turmeric, Tulsi, ginger as a intercrop by applying water from micro irrigation. We are going to update on our Blog section.

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